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Thursday, March 5, 2009

One week to go!

One more week to go before I leave for Japan and I am very excited! It has been a very busy week. I got my International Drivers Permit, a new camera (a Canon Digital ELPH SD790 IS), some 16 gig SD cards, some NEW SOCKS and a few other odds and ends. I also got my phone unlocked so I can use a Japanese SIM card in it and work off of their local networks. Hehe, that also means I can switch carriers here in the US and not have to buy a new phone :D

I think I may be packing way too many electronic gadgets. I already have my camera bag stuffed to capacity and my carry-on bag is getting full too. My goal was to pack light because I am going to be traveling on a train a lot of the time. I guess I can leave what I am not needing that day...but what will I need? Who knows, it's Japan! Anyone have anti-Godzilla spray? I like being prepared ya know.

In Japanese culture it is customary to bring a gift to the house you are visiting. So I was trying to think of anything a-la Kansas City that I could give. I have some ideas but would like any's not like I can pack a BBQ sandwich ;)

It's going to be a long week waiting for Friday to get here!

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  1. Hmm...I hear tht Godzilla is afraid of little chiwawa's so better pack a ren-ren or something. Kansas City is famous for our Jazz, not sure if that helps with your gift thoughts. How about a book? A neat story that you have writtin and put on Lokta Asparagus paper and then set in a very deep rich colored frame. So it would be something from america and something from you, and the paper is neat and could go in just about any room.