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Sunday, March 15, 2009

15.3.2009 :: Nagoya :: Day 1

My friend took me around Nagoya today exploring the city and showing me how to navigate the buses and trains at Nagoya station.

The food:
Today I had the best octopus and squid ever. You can taste the ocean it was so fresh. That is something you just do not get with seafood in the midwest. My meal was a medium sized bowl of Japanese short grain rice(prepared similar to sushi rice with a little sugar so it is sicky)and topped with fresh salmon, squid and octopus and a small serving ofa pickeled Japanese radish. I put some wasabi-soy sauce on it and it was even better. So what did this cost? Around 600 yen, or around 6bucks US. Eat your heart out, McDonalds!

The people:
I am amazed at the varied styles that people wear. It doesn't seem tomatter how someone dresses, that's very cool! It makes me feel like Ineed to change what I am wearing. I'll grab some pics sometime if I can.

The cars:
I spotted my first GT-R R34 and a GC8 chassis Impreza STi!

The city:
I had my first ride in a subway today! And then another and anotherand another and another and so on... So you can say I am pretty used to the subways of Nagoya by now.
The city is great, although Ryoko says there is not much to do here. It is very clean and not as overcrowded as I thought it might be.

Bicycles are left on the street, without being chained up! I asked Ryoko about it and she said there wasn't really a problem with them being stolen. I told her that was pretty amazing and she stated most Japanese people have good morals.

The port:
We also visited the port are of Nagoya today. It was intersting to see the harbor and shops that were there there. We went to something Ryoko called a 'gotcha gotcha' (spelling??). Which was a large store that had toys in bubble gum machines. They varied from anime figurines toThomas the tank engne toys.

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