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Saturday, February 28, 2009

What is a gaijin?

Translated from Japanese, gaijin means 'foreigner'. That's going to be me starting on March 13th. I am headed for Nagoya Japan to see the country and figure out if I could possibly live there long-term as an english teacher! I am very excited and this blog will be a portal into the daily adventures I encounter while traveling.

Jay ne!


  1. Be sure to buy ALL AMERICAN things while you are there. Oh wait, I'm just against buying stuff made in China. So go ahead, buy Japanese.

  2. Wow! Congratulations Mike! Couldn't be a better time for it either, what with me being enlisted. Good luck, man! Pick yourself up some lovely Japanese honeys why don'tcha? :P
    Have you been offered the job already, or are you making the trips to scope out some jobs? Either way, best of luck to you man! I'll follow along here to stay up to date!

    Though you've prolly guessed it, this is Zach.

    Big news here, too: I got my MOS today! Unfortunately I don't qualify for a warrant officer position right out of the gate do to an embarrassingly average GPA in high school, but because of my excellent scores on the ASVAB, an alternative posting is available that I'm jumping on. Captain Zach, the Predator UAV pilot. Four years of that will put me in a very good position to make the move up to helicopters. I'll be getting a lot of advanced training, too. Airborne assault, Ranger training, paratrooping, the works.

  3. Tomorrow's the big day. Good luck Mike-o!