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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The adventure begins

My journey has begun, I landed in Japan at 6:10 local Nagoya time. Like so many good stories this one began with the end, because getting here was a journey in itself. Everything was working well for this trip except one aspect...I needed a JR (Japan Rail) pass to ride the trains for the two weeks I am here. The problem? It can only be purchased outside of Japan and there was not a distributor for this pass in KC. But there was one in Detroit and I just happened to have a flight with a 3 hour layover in just that spot. To make it even better, the travel agent/distributor was only 27.3 miles from the airport. So on Friday I had checked airport taxi services and found one that offered a round trip to the town of Novi for $105. That sounds like a lot but I had contacted the travel agent an they wanted $350 to have someone at the airport to give it to me and they wouldn't let a local currier deliver it. My flight from KC to Detroit went fine. I hopped the taxi service I had found on the net and he took me to the travel agency, I got my dumb voucher, and returned back to the airport with just enough time to go through security (again) and Google at the 747-400 double awesome!

The Flight from Detroit was ok, the food was fair with the only notable stuffs being shrimp served with dinner, the movies SUCKED, and every one around me slept until the last two hours when a gal from the Philippines named Angie talked to me. Thank you!! I was starting to go nuts watching "The Secret Life of Bees" for the fifth time...I didn't even get out my headphones on for that masterpiece.

I am exploring Nagoya today, more to come about first my night and first full day later.

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